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Slushy Flavors

Mikes Harder Watermelon 8% ABV

Smirnoff Smash Peach + Mango 8% ABV

Smirnoff Smash Blackberry + Blue Raz 8%

ABV Mikes Harder Black Cherry Lemonade 8% ABV

Slushed Banana 8% ABV

Slushed Peanut Butter Cup 8% ABV

Clubtails Sunny Margarita 10% ABV

Clubtails Long Island Iced Tea 10% ABV

Seagrams Spiked Strawberry Blast 8% ABV

Clubtails Bahama Mama Tea 10% ABV

RAW Urban Winery Slushies

Cotton Candy- Cataba 8.5% ABV

Pina Colada Paradise- Diamond 8.5% ABV

12oz- $3.99

20oz- $5.99




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